My passion and advocacy for arts and culture is infused in my work and daily life in Chicago. Chicago is my home. My love for the city is the underlying fabric for my daily work, my creative pursuit, and everything dear to my heart. I am trained in Art History, advocate for arts and culture at the University of Chicago, and above all else I write. . 

From 2004-2010, I dedicated my life and educational pursuit to the study and inquiry in the field of Art History, Theory and Criticism. I have been a devoted student of global art and culture, but have recently played an active role in the cultural scene and arts advocacy in Chicago. As an alum and former employee at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I was able to build relationships and engage with local and nationally-renowned artists, art practitioners, activists, and administrators who play active roles in various arts organizations and institutions across the city of Chicago. Over time I learned that the arts are not only an integral aspect of education and learning, but serve as a catalyst for engagement, across neighborhoods, cities, nations, and can inspire global change.

My recent role at The University of Chicago has lead me to utilize my passion and learning  for the arts as a civic engagement tool for economic development and reinvestment into local communities. I truly believe that the arts can activate and unite, and spark the imagination as a tool for building and rebuilding. I believe my varied experience and comprehensive knowledge of the arts from an academic, research, and applied perspective  greatly contribute to organizations  and I hope to strengthen my skills in this capacity so that I can actively contribute to organizations across Chicago and beyond.